hackathon : developed in collaboration.


mar 15 2022

stack: TypeScript, Node, SQLite, OpenAI, AWS, Puppeteer

ai-enabled conjugation dictionary for 17,000+ verbs.


link in a bit

sep 24 2021

stack: React.js, Chrome APIs

browser extension to cache linkedin profiles for follow-up.

> source code

bluetooth debugger

mar 31 2021

stack: Bash, Node, Python

script to resolve a macOS bug.

> source code

cv tailor

feb 28 2021

stack: Python, Google Firebase

cli to customise a CV/résumé.



feb 07 2021

stack: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Day.js

calendar to keep in touch.

> source code


jan 20 2021

stack: HTML/CSS, JavaScript

calculator for arithmetics.

> source code